An Overview of Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

People suffering from stretch mark would want a treatment that’s both effective and fast in order to get their stretch marks removed quicker. There are however different kinds of stretch marks which are treated differently. One example would be a stretch mark from the sudden growth from pregnancy; this can leave some unwanted marks. Stretch marks are basically scars from skins that are stretched above its limits. Lucky for us, there are treatments that are able to prevent and cover stretch marks. The best stretch mark cream will work pretty quickly. You will find plenty of over the counter drugs, prescription method and laser surgery.

Laser Treatment

Using cosmetic laser is the latest stretch removal method available. By using a laser, one can cause stimulation in the growth of collagen to fill the mark up. This causes the rapid production of new collagen. These collagens will fill the stretch mark under the skin while they grow and thicken. This may look like an easy and effective method, but there are still factors that need to be considered like the patient’s skin tone. There are also risks in using lasers to remove stretch marks, since lasers can ablate the patient’s skin. A mistake in handling a laser can damage the tissue so it is crucial to choose the best dermatologist who would handle the operation. There’s also no guarantee that severe marks will be removed. The patient may also experience negative reaction from the skin like blisters or irritation.

Over the counter treatments

There are a huge variety of treatments for stretch marks. Patients have a variety of options to choose from. Some are successful but some are not, depending on a lot of different factors like age, diet and skin tone. Some over the counter remedies are also used in stretch mark treatment, though they do not have a good reputation in terms of effectiveness. An example is the usage of moisturizers to fix the appearance and treat itchiness. Products for sunless tanning are also used to cover stretch marks. You can also choose removal cream, vitamin E oil, lotion, coconut oil, cocoa butter and aloe Vera. There are also natural methods for stretch marks. They are also cheaper compared to other solutions involving cosmetic dermatology. These kinds of products can easily be purchased. Since it is a non surgical, you no longer need to visit a doctor.

Stretch mark cream

There are tons of creams to fix a person’s stretch marks available on the market. After buying the cream, you have the comfort of having it applied by yourself in your home. Most of these creams are odorless so no one will notice that you’re using it. Most creams available on the market are designed to remove a person’s mark by moisturizing the skin, promoting the regeneration of cells. The best products on the market may not be 100% effective in treating stretch marks. Every person possesses different marks. Some treatment will not work for you, but may work for others. Different factors should still be considered.

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