Some Acne Info

The perfect solution to your acne problems:

Without Accutane or any kind of dangerous pills
Without Retin A, Tetracycline or Benzoyl Peroxide
Without wasting your money on over the counter products
Without harmful antibiotics and prescription medications
Without having to wait months before you see results
Without laser light treatments
Without big sums of money
Without useless cleansers, toners and face washes

Acne Reverse gets results within 7 days!

Described by independent authorities as having a “magical” effect, Acne Reverse will reduce the redness associated with acne within hours of use. Imagine waking up to discover that your skin looks and feels clearer than the day before. In fact Acne Reverse is so rapid that within just 7 days of use, most of your acne will have disappeared!

Acne Reverse is suitable for everyone!

Whether you’re a teenager suffering from facial acne or an adult suffering from body acne, there is no need to worry! Acne Reverse  is suitable for all ages, skin and acne types.

Acne Reverse is completely safe & easy to use

The side effects which can occur from consuming pills are a serious concern for many. Even topical preparations which contain harsh chemicals can be very damaging to the skin over the long term. With Acne Reverse there is no need to worry because there are no pills or harsh chemicals! Also look into ZenMed Skin Eraser Kit. its a nice addition to your acne treatment.

Acne Reverse Rapid Treatment Lotion has a tea like appearance and does not contain any chemicals, colors, fragrances or preservatives. The formula is a 100% natural combination of 10 medicinal plants specially designed to reverse your acne and revitalize your skin. Simply rub the lotion into the affected areas of your skin three times daily and thats all there is to it!